By Paul Miller

Web Content Specialist

The Colt Wilbur Band is proud to welcome local legend Ronnie Rhoads to the band as our new lead guitarist.

Rhoads, a veteran in the Pennsylvania music scene, owns Big Riff Studio in Mechanicsburg and has played extensively with bands like Laredo and Hired Guns.

Rhoads also has extensive experience both mixing and mastering music.

In addition, he also played at length with national touring artist Michelle Wright as a touring musician and has been recording music for 35 years, recording in Los Angeles, Nashville, and many other places in between.

In his spare time, Rhoads is an avid outdoorsman, especially enjoying fishing in the summer.

The Colt Wilbur Band is honored to have the opportunity to play with such an accomplished musician and looks forward to the opportunities that come with our newest member.

The next time you come out to a show, be sure to welcome Ronnie to the team!


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