The Colt Wilbur Band is excited to release our first ever podcast, featuring the one and only Colt Wilbur, also featuring Web Content Specialist Paul Miller.

During the podcast, Colt and Paul discuss four songs from the Heart of Stone album, including the title track Heart of Stone, Color of My Collar, July Midnight, and Thinkin' of You.

The purpose of the podcast is to take a behind the scenes look at the writing process of the songs from the album, as well as looking at specific elements of each of the songs.

Also during the podcast, Colt plays several songs live on the show, including:  Color of My Collar, Thinkin' of You, and a yet untitled and unreleased song slated for release on a new record "somewhere down the line".

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The band recently embarked on a Florida tour, and the highlights were discussed on the pod.  The marquee show, the band's July 4 show on Crab Island was discussed at length as well.

The future of the band was also brought to light, including the plans of a regional tour in 2018 and the potential of a future album.

The Colt Wilbur Band plans on releasing future podcasts, with two more shows scheduled in October and December.

You can find the podcast at or downloaded directly in MP3 format by clicking here.

The podcast is also available on our SoundCloud page: