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Colt Wilbur Band Ready to Embark on Florida Tour

By Paul Miller

Web Content Specialist

The Colt Wilbur Band is preparing to head south, as they are embarking on their Florida tour starting on July 3 and running through July 14.  The Barefoot, Wild and Free Tour will visit Destin on July 4th and July 14th, Niceville on July 5th and 7th, and Freeport on July 8th.

The Colt Wilbur Band web team thought it would be an excellent idea to have a Q & A with Colt about the importance of this trip for the band.  While they have shared the stage with many amazing national acts, the Colt Wilbur Band views it as an honor to go on the road and experience new crowds in new places.

But this is nothing new for the band, as they toured Florida twice before, most recently in 2016.  But this time, they have the experience of the travel, venues that they've made great relationships with, and fans that are dying for the band to return to the area.

The Colt Wilbur Band is excited to travel to Florida for a third time.

The Colt Wilbur Band is excited to travel to Florida for a third time.

Colt Wilbur sat down with and discussed the upcoming tour:  Tell me a little about last year's Florida trip:

Colt Wilbur:  Last year was our second time to Florida as a band. We had hit a couple venues that we were at the first time around and we're fortunate enough to play a couple new ones. Each year it just seems to keep expanding and growing so we're very excited to get back there.  Why did the band decide to tour Florida?

Colt Wilbur:  It actually came about primarily due to the fact that Pnut was from there and raised his family there. He is an extremely talented and experienced musician. He has so many friends from either past bands or just being a musician of the area that could help us get in a couple places and get our feet wet. Fortunately every time we would go down, we'd keep getting booked and the gigs became bigger and more frequent. This is going to be our biggest stretch of gigs both in number and size to date for Florida.  What is your favorite thing about Florida?

Colt Wilbur:  Being a native Pennsylvanian you really can't complain about the weather. I'm kind of strange though because I do need cold when fall and winter come. I feel strange if it's December and it's not at least 40 degrees outside. My favorite thing however would just have to be the people we've come to meet and now call dear friends. Outside of just the musicality, it's going to be great to see some old faces and hopefully shake hands with some new ones. Southern hospitality is truly live and well.  What do you hope to accomplish by touring the south?

Colt Wilbur:  Expansion. Any gig we can take, any town we can perform in, we want it all. Even if we play a show for 20 people and 1 walks away liking us, it's well worth it. It's refreshing to get to play to new audiences where no one has ever heard of you before. This tour is going to be unbelievable in a lot of ways and all we can hope is for the chance to get to do it again.

If you are one of our Florida fans, see us at the following locations from July 3 - July 14:

July 3rd - 30A Songwriter Radio Broadcast Live on the Air - 11 a.m.

July 4th - Crab Island 4th of July Celebration, Destin, Noon

July 5th - Bella Blue Bar, Niceville, 7 p.m.

July 7th - LJ Schooners, Niceville, 8 p.m.

July 8th - Nick's Seafood, Freeport, 5:30 p.m.

July 14th - Funky Blues Shack, Destin, 9 p.m.

Can't make it to the shows?  Follow the Colt Wilbur Band on Facebook for updates and Facebook Live clips from the shows: